Completely Driven
Collaring Device Pneumatic

Collaring Device Pneumatic

  • Centralizer controlled by one valve on the Remote Control
  • Rapid opening and powerful closing of Clamping Jaws
  • Rugged construction of seamless steel tube
  • Impco Centralizers are designed to hold up to 46m 150 ft of 38mm (1½) round drill rods.

The collaring Device assists with accurate hole collaring with it robust design for long durability. The collaring device stabilises the Rod during drilling and ensures the bit does not get destabilised when drilling. It Eliminate the back-breaking work of handling drill rods during operation. Designed to bring maximum benefits in a compact, mobile package. The Impco Centralizer has very few parts, positive centring and is low cost. the robust Collaring Device is less complicated, move durable and harder working.

Desc Metric Imperial
Weight 86 Kg 187 lb
Length 827 mm 32.6 inch
Height 341 mm 13.4 inch
Width 376 mm 14.8 inch
Operating Pressure 101 psi 7 Bar
Extension 203 mm 8 inch
Gripping Force 3927 pound force 17648 Newton
Hose size 12.7 mm 0.5 inch

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