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Bar Gear

Bar Gear

In all pneumatic drifter drilling applications, a rigid mounting is essential. The 114mm (4 ½ inch) Bar gear assemblies shown in this catalogue provide the rigid mounting equipment for accurate and productive drilling operations. These assemblies are a kit of parts selected by the user to suit any particular drilling application. Various types are shown, the simple bar and arm assembly, the H frame assembly and “stub axle” mountings.



In every assembly shown here safety clamps are specified. They are an important check to prevent accidents. In the event a cross clamp is loosened to make adjustments it is held in place by the safety clamp and doesn’t fall down the length of the telescopic bar. See pages 6 and 7.


Drilling set up options

Where single long holes or sets of parallel holes are to be drilled the regular machine clamp (part number D2477) is specified. Alternatively, where “round the clock,” drilling, or fan hole drilling, where the axis of rotation and the axis of the drill must always be in line, a stub axle assembly is preferred. See pages 13 and 14.


There is no single part number to cover any one bar gear assembly as every application is different. Consequently, bar gear selection is a series of user specified options from a selection of common parts to build any assembly required to suit the drilling application.

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